1/8th oz ORyan Og (H) (JoshDFarm) 18.78% THC


This varietal is very special to Josh, who named it in honor of a close friend he used to cultivate with who passed away. Just like any good workmate, it’ll give you an emotional pick-me-up and inspire imaginative thinking.

Behold a perfect specimen. The large, dense flowers are covered in thick, super sticky, greasy trichomes that produce candy-like terpenes.

This pungent flower will fill the air with the tell-tale diesel dank. Break it open and there will be a blast of earthy, citrusy notes that’s typical of OG Kush.


The classic flavors abound: It’s earthy and woody with a touch of lemon and raw sugar.


The ORyan experience is uplifting and inspires creativity, so welcome to your new happy place.

Cultivate care.  Enjoy responsibly.

Josh D and Calyx Peak cultivate quality, integrity, craftsmanship and care for our community. That’s why we suggest being 25 before enjoying our products, when scientific research suggests that the human brain is fully formed and ready for prime time. Care for your brain. We do.

Note to new users: The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in OG Kush varietals are profound. You may experience heightened effects, so ease into this slowly with a very small quantity.

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Weight 3.5 g

1/8th Medical Patient Price, 1/8th Recreational Price

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