Wunder Dawg (H) By Glass House Farms


  • 20.524 % Total THC/A
  • .037% Total CBD/A
  • 24.495% Total Cannabinoids


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Wunder Dawg is an Indica dominant strain that is believed to have come from the parents William’s Wonder and Chemdawg. This strain contains medium-sized buds that look slightly different from those of hybrid or pure indica lineages. Wunder Dawg offers a diverse scent that is a cross between citrus and tropical fruits, with a taste that is both sweet and sour-dieselish upon exhale. Smokers may experience a sharpening of the senses and an increased hyper-awareness of their surroundings. This initially disorienting head high becomes more cerebral and introspective in the right set and setting. Wunder Dawg is the type of cannabis that is best used at the end of the day. Most users find that it quickly encompasses them and will drift off to sleep. If you use too much of it, a foggy type of fatigue may be present the next morning

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Weight 3.5 g
Glass House Farms

1/8th Medical Patient Price, 1/8th Recreational Price

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