.5G Apple Jacks (S) Cartridge By PUREXTRACTS


P2’s high potency cartridges feature the most accurate strain profiles formulated from a custom blend of 40-60 terpenes. These carefully curated formulations are high in quality, pack a potent punch, and offer True to Strain experiences without breaking the bank.
Apple Jack is a wonderfully bright sativa. It can lift your mood with just one draw. Perfect for a saturday morning morning, or packed away on a hike. 
Cartridge Apple Apple Jack Earthy Energetic Euphoric Focused Happy Pine Relaxed Sativa Sweet THC Uplifted

About this strain: Apple Jack



87.38 % THC

00.19 % CBD

91.33 % Total Cannabinoids

Additional information

Weight .5 g

.5G Medical Patient Price, .5G Recreational Price