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Frozen Grape LIVE RESIN DIAMONDS (I) By Stiiizy


Our Live Resin Diamonds are curated specifically for usability, you will find right-sized diamond crystals suspended in our terpene packed sauce. Some Cannabis strains lend themselves particularly well to diamond creation, like they were intended for it. We let Mother Nature tell us which strains and batches are best suited for our Live Resin Diamonds.

Frozen Grapes is an Indica-dominant hybrid, known for its unique grape and menthol flavor, and the relaxing effects its fans describe. It comes from Gus’ Unique Selections, and is made by crossing a Grapes of Wrath female with a Banana Split male.

The Frozen Grapes buds are unique to say the least. These oval-shaped buds are made of big, dark purple leaves, interspersed with both bundles of orange pistils and a trim of gold trichome hairs.The buds are typically a yellow-orange color mixed with the dark purple of the leaves.

This Indica has a grape soda aroma and flavor, with a unique mix of menthol. Perhaps that’s what inspired the name Frozen Grapes, as the candy-like grape flavor has a cool menthol kick.

Frozen Grapes reportedly offers a mild cerebral euphoria, with stellar reviews for body effects, nausea, stimulating appetite, and relieving anxiety. Some say this is a good beginner strain that can help one maintain productivity, as users reportedly experienced a moderate stream of energy and enhanced focus.

Frozen Grapes is often described as a good daytime Indica, with minimal potential for couch-lock, offering more for the body than the head

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New Patient & Loyalty gift promo for one penny upon eavailability

Earn points redeemable for flower, edibles, concentrates and more!



79.75% THC

00.00% Cbd

94.18% Total Cannabinoids

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