Johnny Silver (S) By Glass House Farms


If you want all of the energetic, uplifting benefits of a Sativa strain, without the anxiety that they can create for some, then Johnny Silver is here to save the day. A descendant of Super Silver Haze, one of the world’s best-loved Sativas for over 20 years (and one of our own favorites), Johnny Silver has a peppery, earthy flavor profile that provides an uplifting and euphoric high that’ll have you worry-free and ready for your next adventure. Even if that’s cleaning the kitchen. 
Feelings: Euphoric, Happy, Uplifting
Flavor: Pepper, Sage, Earth
Usage: Energy booster, Anti-depressant
Lineage: Super Silver Haze x Purple Johnson



26.31% THC

00.06% CBD

30.91% Total Cannabinoids

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Weight 3.5 g
Glass House Farms

1/8th Medical Patient Price, 1/8th Recreational Price


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