Mama’s Cheeze 12 pk Seeds by SEED 2 SOUL


Mama’s Cheeze DNA testing verifies direct & intentional lineage to U.K. Cheeze & New York Diesel. For many moons, Patrick King has been stabilizing this cultivar to consistently deliver the best qualities available. Dense resinous flower that produces cheese, funk & gas notes with a hint of sweetness. These genetics thrive whether grown indoor, greenhouse or outdoors… but its’ ability to produce “Redwood trees with pineapples” is renowned! The bred-in, heavy, lateral branching means this cultivar REALLY shines at producing MONSTER plants & buds! When Patrick was looking for a proper name for his creation, he created a “Name the strain” contest, where “Mama’s Cheeze” was chosen as an homage to the loving relationship Patrick King shared with his mother.
As with all of our products, we are proud to offer this ethical, responsible and uncompromising seed for you and your garden in good health.
Seed2Soul’s founder Patrick King, a well-known cultivator and relative of the legendary Johnny Appleseed, carefully vets all of our seeds to ensure that they consistently deliver the best qualities available.
Our sanctioned seeds are always fully-mature, properly stored and bred with top-level breeding techniques designed to stabilize the most desirable traits while ensuring multitudes of different phenotypes.
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