Moon Bloom (I) by Forbidden Flowers


People often ask if there’s life on Mars. Honestly, we have no clue. But if you’re looking to space out… Houston, we have an indica. Our lunar lover, Moonbloom, prepares you for liftoff with wild bursts of euphoria, leaving you starry-eyed and in wonder of the magic of the universe. The high can be a little cerebral on the way up, but she’s heavy, pillowy and grounding on the way back down.

Feelings: Calm, Relaxed, Euphoric

Flavors: Diesel, Earthy, Slightly Sweet



21.46% THC

00.06% CBD

25.52% Total Cannabinoids

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Weight 3.5 g
Forbidden Flowers

3.5G Medical Patient Price, 3.5G Recreational Price


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